Tree top adventure park in Evje. TrollAktiv have developed a modern tree top adventure park located 6km north of the town of Evje, besides the river Otra at Syrtveit.  Evje climbing park is built in the pine trees above and around TrollAktiv.

The tree top adventure park consists of five different courses to suit all ages.

The park has varying heights and degrees of difficulty. The park has been designed to fit with our family and regular rafting trips so you can make your adventure last a full day.  All children over 120 cm can take part in their own exciting tree top adventure and also participate in a family rafting trip.  If you are over 140 cm then the entire park is a tree top playground.

TrollAktiv tree top adventure park is a two hour activity high up in the tree tops including balance obstacles, climbing challenges, swings, jumps and zip lines all running through the tree tops above the rafting centre.

Evje Klatrepark has five different courses.  These are ideal for younger children and  family groups. The course includes tougher routes for teenagers and adults and is a great venue for school trips and youth groups. Something for everyone!

Evje climbing park uses a sophisticated continuous belay system and has the latest Continuous safety system which is very user friendly and safe. This means once your clipped on you will be safe throughout your adventure as you are continually clipped to the safety system.  The tree top adventure park has been built to conform to the EU specification and is certified to TUV, ERCA standards by an independent inspector.

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